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Amy Sullivan, LPCC

Specializing in Post-Traumatic Growth Through Counseling, Training and Consultation

I believe change occurs most easily in the presence of unconditional acceptance.


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I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and trainer working with Restoring Hope Counseling and Coaching, Inc. Our office is in Finneytown, Ohio. I am a Certified Trauma Responsive Counselor and specialize in using and teaching about the Polyvagal Theory to help people move into post-traumatic growth. I assist women, men and families who are struggling with fertility and perinatal mood disorders. In addition, I assist those who are experiencing grief from loss: the loss of loved ones, dreams, or relationships. My style is compassionate, empathetic, direct and infused with humor. As an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) trained clinician, I help people move through the effects of trauma and embrace post traumatic growth. I am a SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator and will use the activity of collage making to help people realize their strengths and process events with which they are struggling. My pronouns are she/her.

Many people seek counseling to achieve some sort of change in their life. I believe that change occurs most easily in the presence of unconditional acceptance. From this belief, I offer a space to create a sincere, genuine and reliable relationship which I see as the foundation for psychological healing. Based on each personā€™s concerns, worldview and preferences, I will offer methods and tools for change and healing. In each session, we will together seek to realize your strengths and resources to help you reach your desired goals.